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I am Md Helal Uddin, an Entrepreneur, Data-Driven Digital Marketer, SEO Expert, WordPress Web Designer, Freelancer and Affiliate Marketer. I can boost your online visibility and drive more traffic to your website using the latest digital marketing trends.

Md Helal Uddin | Data-Driven Digital Marketing Expert

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Over 2 years of experience with 100+ companies nationally and internationally

Md Helal Uddin

Md Helal Uddin - Best Digital Marketer in Bangladesh

Over the last 2 years, I have been working as a senior digital marketer in Bangladesh and also internationally. During my working period, I have touched many different sectors of digital marketing. Among them Google PPC Campaigns, Facebook and Instagram Ads Management, Facebook Pixel Setup, Google Merchant Center Setup and Fixing, Google Analytics setup and tracking through Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics server-side tracking, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are significant.

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My Services

In our consulting firm, we help start-ups become successful businesses.

Our Google PPC Campaign Management service gives you high-converting traffic, targeted audiences, and maximum ROI & ROAS  for your business.

We create, implement, schedule and monitor social media marketing campaigns as part of our social media marketing management services.

We offer server-side data tracking of modern web browsers for Google Analytics and Facebook using Google Tag Manager to track your apps and website data.

With our world-class Google Analytics setup, you can determine ROI and learn more about your audience and finally set the KPI of your business.

With our SEO services, you’ll get organic traffic to your website and improve your visibility in relevant search engine result pages (SERPs).

With WordPress and Elementor, we design all kinds of modern and attractive websites, such as E-commerce, blogs, agencies, and portfolios.


Why Md Helal Uddin ?


The answer is simple –  Marketing is all about sales and revenue. I will help you to achieve maximum sales and revenue through my best digital marketing services. My passion is digital marketing. As the digital marketing sector changes, I’m learning day by day and implementing to achieve maximum results.

You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

Do you get questions about digital marketing consultant Md Helal Uddin?  Here are some Frequently Asked Questions answers raised on your mind.

Md Helal Uddin is the best digital marketer in Bangladesh. He has over 2 years of experience in this field and has helped countless businesses to grow their online presence. He is an expert in SEO, Data-driven Digital Marketing, and Email Marketing. If you are looking for someone to help your business to take the next level, look no further than Md Helal Uddin.

Digital marketing has many opportunities to show creativity and innovation to make a rewarding and exciting career. As a digital marker, I found it is a great way to reach a large audience with your message. It can be very effective in terms of Return on Investment (ROI). That’s why I choose digital marketing as my career.

There are a bunch of strategies in digital marketing. Each bunch has a different way of reaching the target audience. Three of them are my favorites. Search Engine Optimization, Google PPC Campaign and Email Marketing. Using SEO techniques, you can place your website in the top positions for your target keywords. In contrast, Google PPC Campaigns help you reach a more targeted audience quickly. The top position on Google and reaching a targeted audience are difficult for a new business. Email marketing involves the use of email communications in a marketing strategy to achieve specific business objectives.

Shamim Husain, the founder of Skilluper is my marketing guru. From him, I learned all advanced digital marketing tactics. When I started my online learning career in my early twenties, I followed Nail Patel’s YouTube channel.

When promoting a new product, it is important to first create a plan that takes into account the target audience, budget, and objectives. Once the plan is in place, the promotion can be executed through a variety of channels including Google PPC Campaign, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing. As a digital marketing consultant, I always follow the marketing funnel to promote a new product.

An effective digital marketing KPI stands on many factors depending on the business. KPIs most commonly tracked are click-through rates and impressions. Click-through rates, or CTR, are not only important to understand how many people are viewing your message, but also how many people are taking action. Conversion rate is another tracking factor of KPI. It is applicable to almost any industry and any digital marketing strategy. A great customer journey will almost always result in this KPI being met. The other tracking factors are Keyword Ranking, Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) etc.

The biggest challenge in digital marketing is staying uptodate with the latest trends and technology. With new platforms and strategies constantly emerging, it can be difficult to keep up and know which ones to use to reach your target audience. Additionally, digital marketing can be very datadriven, so it‘s important to have strong analytical and measurement skills to be successful.

To develop a social media campaign, I use the following tactics:

  1. First, I define what my goal for the campaign is. What do I hope to achieve?
  2. Once I know my goal, I need to figure out who my target audience is. Who am I trying to reach?
  3. Once I know my target audience, I need to figure out what platform(s) they use. Which social media site(s) are they most active on?
  4. Based on all the information above, I can start developing your campaign. What type of email will I use? What kind of images will I use? What kind of call to action should I use?
  5. After launching my campaign, I will monitor it closely and make any necessary adjustments. Are people interacting with my content? Are they taking the desired actions? If not, why not?

A strong set of technical skills, a resourceful attitude, and a passion for digital marketing are my strongest attributes.

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In our consulting firm, we help start-ups become successful businesses.

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